Lorna StartWelcome to Purple Sapphire. My name is Lorna Start; I am a qualified holistic therapist and offer a totally professional service with treatments, aura photography and clairvoyance.

Working artistically from a very young age, I know how colour can affect us and benefit our health and well being. My love of colour naturally led to me studying Holistic Colour Therapy, which, in turn, linked to the Crystal Healing and Aura Photography.

As a psychic medium, I am sensitive to all energies from auras surrounding people, to vibrations in buildings. I have worked on platform in spiritual churches and have investigated spiritual activity in buildings, sometimes working remotely from photographs.

If you would like an interesting and entertaining workshop where you can learn all about the magic of the aura, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Please enquire to book me for:

Mind Body and Spirit events, Talks, Presentations and Demonstrations, Private Functions


I am delighted to announce that we now have a treatment room at home and we are able to offer holistic therapies, private photographs and readings and five element acupuncture (please see link to my husband's website at bottom of page). We have recently moved to Devon and hope to offer workshops and retreats in the future.


Whether it is for colour therapy, crystal healing, aura photography, clairvoyance – or a combination of any of the above, all things are possible, no group is too small and travel is not normally a problem. I welcome all enquiries; please contact me at Purple Sapphire.


Colour Therapy – VTCT Diploma from International Institute of Holistic Health Therapists (IIHHT)

Crystal Healing – VTCT Diploma from International Institute of Holistic Health Therapists

Aura Photography using the latest real time, live aura technology


Professional Artist – BTEC Diploma in Art and Design

Holistic Colour Therapy,
Crystal Healing and
Aura Photography