Spiritual Work

We all constantly learn from life and our positive and negative experiences make us the people we are. My spiritual interests are forever expanding and evolving and one experience seems to lead naturally to another.

Like many psychics, I have always been aware of unusual things happening, or strange coincidences, however, it has only been in recent years that I have chosen to seriously develop my abilities. An intense week spent training with internationally famous mediums left me “switched on” and keen to pursue my own spiritual career.

Psychic readings for friends and acquaintances led to further enquiries and I have enjoyed exploring many avenues, from working on platform at spiritual churches to investigating spiritual energy in buildings, sometimes using photographs to “tune in” remotely. For private, personal readings I often use psychometry to create a spiritual link with the client.

People requiring spiritual help seem to find me, I am always happy to try and answer their queries and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone’s face when I have made contact with a loved one in spirit.


Colour Therapy – VTCT Diploma from International Institute of Holistic Health Therapists (IIHHT)

Crystal Healing – VTCT Diploma from International Institute of Holistic Health Therapists

Aura Photography using the latest real time, live aura technology


Professional Artist – BTEC Diploma in Art and Design

Holistic Colour Therapy,
Crystal Healing and
Aura Photography