Colour and Crystal Therapies

Aura PhotograhyI am qualified in holistic colour and crystal therapies and offer each client an individual, tailor-made treatment, depending upon their personal requirements.

Treatment sessions help the client to see how they really are physically, emotionally and spiritually, and assist them to make changes where required.

Colour and crystal therapies can facilitate healing and are suitable to ease symptoms of most conditions. Please note, some medical conditions may require G.P.’s consent before treatment can commence.

I use a pendulum, as well as intuition, to dowse the client and see where treatment is required. All sessions are individual to the client, but will consist of deep relaxation techniques and discussions and may use coloured light, crystals etc.

Aura photography is offered at the initial session at a discounted rate, subsequent photographs would be at the standard rate.

Treatments and photography available at my home near Shrewsbury, or sometimes , I may be able to treat you in your own home. If you have any questions I will be happy to try and answer them for you.


Colour Therapy – VTCT Diploma from International Institute of Holistic Health Therapists (IIHHT)

Crystal Healing – VTCT Diploma from International Institute of Holistic Health Therapists

Aura Photography using the latest real time, live aura technology


Professional Artist – BTEC Diploma in Art and Design

Holistic Colour Therapy,
Crystal Healing and
Aura Photography